Entry #1

Hi there

2014-10-21 17:29:19 by Greyhunter1

Yoyoyo Newgrounds-

I'm new here to the forums, but I've been producing music for a couple of years now and lurking round NG for many more. Making music and playing vidya are both things I love doing, so writing videogame soundtracks seems like the next logical step. I can't wait to start talking to everyone on here, and hopefully collaborating on some sweet projects. Anyways, I put out an album like two weeks ago- it's free to download on Bandcamp from here: http://duskhorizon.bandcamp.com/album/traveller

If anyone wants to use that or any of my other stuff in their flash movies, games and so on please do go ahead! It's all cool for that as long as it's properly credited etc.

That's all for now, any feedback and comments welcome



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