2015-03-28 16:53:44 by Greyhunter1

Suuup NG- I figured I haven't posted any music on here in quite a while, so if by any chance someone actually comes onto my profile, I figured I'd do an update on how things are going. I've been pretty productive in the past couple months- I've been working with a friend of a friend who's a really talented rapper, producing beats for him etc. You might see a couple of those pieces on here soon, or if not, I'll be sure to link to them elsewhere!

Also, that first EP of 2015 I mentioned in my last post... three songs are done! :D I'm super proud of them at the moment, they don't fit the original chiptune idea at all but they're experimental and (in my totally unbiased opinion) cool as hell, so I can't wait to release them. Plan is to make it a four-track EP, with one song free for download and the whole thing available to download at a low price on Bandcamp or something (like £1 or £2, but I want to try out actually commercialising it a bit rather than just free downloads).

Outside of music I just got a sweet promotion at work, so life's going well! Expect the new EP to drop in the next month or so. Until then, over and out.



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