Transmissions from Rain City

2015-05-04 17:15:18 by Greyhunter1

Just dropped my third EP on here, Bandcamp and Soundcloud- check it out!

Grey Dawn is a free download (, and the full EP is free to listen to, and available as a HQ download for £2 (about $3 USD). Super cheap I'm sure you'll agree!

Much, much more to come from me this year- music is life!


2015-03-28 16:53:44 by Greyhunter1

Suuup NG- I figured I haven't posted any music on here in quite a while, so if by any chance someone actually comes onto my profile, I figured I'd do an update on how things are going. I've been pretty productive in the past couple months- I've been working with a friend of a friend who's a really talented rapper, producing beats for him etc. You might see a couple of those pieces on here soon, or if not, I'll be sure to link to them elsewhere!

Also, that first EP of 2015 I mentioned in my last post... three songs are done! :D I'm super proud of them at the moment, they don't fit the original chiptune idea at all but they're experimental and (in my totally unbiased opinion) cool as hell, so I can't wait to release them. Plan is to make it a four-track EP, with one song free for download and the whole thing available to download at a low price on Bandcamp or something (like £1 or £2, but I want to try out actually commercialising it a bit rather than just free downloads).

Outside of music I just got a sweet promotion at work, so life's going well! Expect the new EP to drop in the next month or so. Until then, over and out.



2015-01-07 14:24:01 by Greyhunter1

Hello all you beautiful People of the Internet!

I figured I'd make a little blog post to begin 2015, as a way of setting out my musical goals for this year- both for me to look back on and stay on track, and for anyone else who might be interested.

I came onto Newgrounds quite late in the year (October 21st), and in the intervening two months, I've already had the opportunity to make some wonderful friends and get some really helpful feedback on my tunes, as well as having a far larger number of listeners. So thanks to everyone on here, as well as all the other sites (Twitter, Soundcloud etc) who gave it a listen. 2014 was a funny old year on the whole, but I think it was great for my music- two EPs later and I'm far further along the road than I was back in January, though with a long way to go still. In 2015 I intend to continue to build on that progress.

So... plans for this year:

-Having recently acquired the Miroslav Philharmonik sample library, I'm going to work on creating some sweet orchestral tracks, as a way of building my composition and production skills. The first thing I have planned is an orchestral arrangement of Tidal Wave by Sub Focus, as a way of getting used to the library.

-Later this year, I want to get some better gear- namely, upgrading from Miroslav to East/West Quantum Leap

-I have two EPs planned this year- one will be a chiptune-esque one, in the same vein as my track Cloud Fortress. Another will be a mix of electronic, ambient and orchestral elements, and at the moment I plan on loosely basing it around the passage of a single day in one cyberpunk city, something like that.

Of course, these ideas could all change, based on whether a certain musical mood takes me elsewhere. However, I think it's good to have some sort of plan or vision, and will be hopefully able to look back at this post in 2016 and smile :)



Twitter m8

2014-11-18 16:47:04 by Greyhunter1

I have a twitter account now, so come say hi!

Hi there

2014-10-21 17:29:19 by Greyhunter1

Yoyoyo Newgrounds-

I'm new here to the forums, but I've been producing music for a couple of years now and lurking round NG for many more. Making music and playing vidya are both things I love doing, so writing videogame soundtracks seems like the next logical step. I can't wait to start talking to everyone on here, and hopefully collaborating on some sweet projects. Anyways, I put out an album like two weeks ago- it's free to download on Bandcamp from here:

If anyone wants to use that or any of my other stuff in their flash movies, games and so on please do go ahead! It's all cool for that as long as it's properly credited etc.

That's all for now, any feedback and comments welcome